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How to detox for local anesthetic ?

This is now day 2 after operation. I'm obviously still feeling quite off with all the chemicals they put into Anastasia. It's string painkillers. Possible IV antibiotics. I feel not myself. How do I detox from this stuff fast. I had local anesthetic for a 30min operation. Help thanks

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    Lots of fat. I'm not even joking. Fat is where toxin's are stored. So try eat lots of animal fats with dinners. Steak, bone broth, butter etc. Then the body can shove these chemicals into the spare fat inside your body. Then you must fast in order to burn that fat off full of toxin's and boom! That's how the body works. The liver DOES NOT store toxin's. It only processes toxin's. Up take on the fats and you will be fine. For water soluble toxin's, just drink lots of liquids. 

  • Mike
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    6 months ago

    Milk Thistle is a great detox for the liver. It will help get some of that stuff out of you, but drinking lots of water will help (not juice or coffee, plain water).

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