What Zodiac Sign Does This Lovely Girls  Sound Like ?

I know it depends  on the whole chart I just want know  which zodiac sign they sound most like  

there are 5 Woman 


She is friendly, quiet, easy going 

she love small animals 

she is protective she protect her family 

she is butterfly that people will notice her 

she is kind, helpful, friendly , peace maker

she is flirty too , she like touch guys backside

She has a sultry voice too 

Update 2:


She is friendly, easy going , compassionate 

She is helpful 

She is polite 

She hate male chaunavastic , people who are rude to elderly, know it all and people who abuse animal 

She is practical, down to earth, easily touch , can chat anything under the sun

she will go

Update 3:


She is optismitic, cheerful, ditzy , fun loving, laughing lady, she is easily touch

and easily cry too 

she is NOT afraid of dirty 

she is quirky and she is gentle, ladylike 

She is polite, likable, romantic 

she is creative and can dance well 

NOT money minded 

She did bikini pole dancing before

she love to heal other and she does NOT push blame and she love baking and sharing food with other 

She love sitting on guys lap and hugging other too 

Update 4:


She has bad temper 

I mean tantrums 

She is friendly, easy going and like hugging others and sitting on guys lap roo and she is filial and sensitive  

Update 5:

5 She is friendly, outgoing,

She is smart, quick leaner 

She is risk taker too adventurous 

she will chat with you first 

she is extrovert , indepedent, strong, tough cookie, competitive, generous  , practical 

she prefer money over ring but she is humble  

2 Answers

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    7 months ago

    Well, you are right .. it depends on the whole chart. This girl has ALL 12 Signs in her chart, and you cannot tell which ones are dominant influences on her UNLESS you have the exact birthchart.

    What scammers call someone's "zodiac Sign" is JUST their Sun sign, and depending on the chart, the Sun may be a very weak influence on the inner person. Astrologers base personality of the 10 "planets" .. not on the Signs..

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Sounds like a Pisces to me.

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