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I want to go on a trip, use a tour guide or just go alone?

I am 20, and recently got out of a long term relationship. I am scared of letting time slip away from me, so I have decided after covid, I am going to go on a trip to Europe. I have looked into contiki, and I like that they plan everything out for me, but I feel like its to fast paced, and would almost be the same price to go myself, and be able to do what I want. I want to be social though and go partying, but I think I can meet people in hostels?? what would you recommend? 2 days in each country seems way to crammed, but they plan it out for you?? Never travelled or planned a trip alone so I am kind of lost, I would rather wait until I found someone to go with, but I can't sit around and wait for someone right?


I have read online Europe is easy to travel alone, wondering if this is true?? Sorry I am just very new to all of this, was planning on going with my then boyfriend, but that didn't work out lol.

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    Don’t worry, there’s plenty of new boyfriends in Europe. If you want a tour, find out if there’s a big red bus agency in the city. Get on get off no hassle.

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    Best tour guides from

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    only 20 and had a long term relationship. i am in my forties and still male virgin how shame am I.

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    Travel at this time IS NOT RECOMMENDED.


    Suggest for your first adventure you go with a group like Contiki. YOU DO NOT need to spend your entire vacation with the group. You can leave a few days at the end to do as you please.

    Off course you can meet others at Hostels, in bars, on the street, at the laundry, on a train.

    Time is slipping by fast you will soon be 80 years old and not able to physically travel like a twenty something.

    Big planet you will never see it all.

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  • John
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    4 months ago

    There are people who do tours and there are people who do not. I for one don't need someone telling me what I am supposed to pay attention to. Or when or where to eat.

  • ?
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    4 months ago

    Most of Europe is relative easy to travel in by yourself if you know what you're doing. Can you look at tours that just do 2 or 3 cities? Those tours that do 2 days in each place are for those who just want to see in person certain landmarks. You don't really get to know what life is like in those places, or get to experience the culture, the food, and the atmosphere. I've traveled to many places, and I often book local tours- I like walking tours of restaurants, or tours to places outside the city. You can book hotels and transportation between cities before you go. If you take the trains in Europe (you should- they're wonderful!), you should go to Rick Steves site- there are videos and instruction on what to do at the train stations. 

  • 4 months ago

    2 days per country is crazy - you'll spend more time travelling than experiencing culture.

    Hostels often have organised parties, club / pub crawls and other events - you can certainly meet people in these.

    Obviously there's no current travel in Europe, so you'll probably want to plan for next year... Pick one or two cities (Berlin is good for partying, for example), and start planning the holiday you want. Alternatively, plan a holiday that includes aspects of tours and your own planning.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I did a contiki trip when I was 26. Yes it’s fast paced but your 20.   I did 3 weeks with contiki then 2 weeks on my own. 

       The 3 weeks with contiki I made friends with people around the world I traveled with. I visited the big tourist sites mostly with them . 

        I did my travelling in my own in Holland and northern France visiting Canadian war memorials. 

        So you can mix the 2 together . You’ll get more out of it.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Going to a different country would warrant the need for a tour guide. That way you are in safe parts of down and not getting lost. 

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