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Let's see how they hem and haw put of this one?

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And were carried over into Sychem, and laid in the sepulcher that Abraham bought for a sum of money of the sons of Emmor the father of Sychem


It is in Hebron which is around 80 Miles South oh Shchem as it says in genesis 23.

Or when they can't answer they'll report me

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    What you need to understand is that when the pagan Roman Catholic cult was formed they collected and destroyed the original Hebrew manuscripts. Before doing so they translated them into another language making changes here and there as they desired to represent their theology. The message of the scriptures is still there and that is what is important. We will soon have access to original manuscripts - Yom Kippur 2021.

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    Stephen's address to the Sanhedrin was a highly compressed version of Israel's history. That is the case of your question. There were two land purchases, by Abraham and Jacob. Abraham's was in Hebron, Gen. 23:17-18, where he, Isaac and Jacob were buried, (Gen. 25:9-11, Gen. 35:20, Gen. 50:13. Jacob bought land at Shechem, Gen. 33:19 where Joseph was later buried, Joshua 24:32. Stephen's rhetorical device affirms that Jacob and the 12 patriarchs were not buried in Egypt, but in Canaan. This is strange to modern ears, including yours, but would have been well understood by Stephen's Jewish hearers. Flavius Josephus preserves a tradition that Joseph's brothers were buried at Hebron.

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    Tomb that Abraham bought ... This is said to contradict Joshua 24:32, where it is stated that "Jacob bought (a field) of the sons of Hamor, the father of Shechem." However, as DeHoff pointed out, there were three separate transactions.

        (1) Abraham bought a cave and field in which it stood (Genesis 23:17). (2) Abraham bought another sepulchre, but it is not stated that he bought the field in which it stood (Acts 7:15,16). (3) Years later, Jacob bought a parcel of ground (Joshua 24:32) or a parcel of a field (Genesis 33:19). This was, in all probability, the very field in which Abraham's second sepulchre stood, as this field once belonged to the same owners though they may have been miles apart.

        In all the Bible nothing can be found to contradict any of these statements; and it is amazing to me that even some Christians make labored efforts to "harmonize these difficulties." I always ask, "What difficulties?"

    George DeHoff, Alleged Bible Contradictions Explained (Murfreesboro, Tennessee: DeHoff Publications, p. 275.

    You should buy the book above so that you'll be familiar with even more supposed contradictions in the Bible.  Maybe you can find one that hasn't been asked and answered for the past several hundred years.

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    One seems to find significance in a collection of story books.

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    And of course in the 1800 years between the time when Abraham buried Sarah and the time when Stephen spoke about where she was buried, none of the borders changed.  And none of the names of the places changed.  And they are still the same 2000 years later.

    So we can look at the distance between the modern borders of Sychem and the modern borders of Hebron and they will not have changed at any point in the last 3,800 years.

    No one today knows the exact location of these sites, nor where Abraham was buried.  There is more than one traditional site for his tomb.  You just picked the two possible location that are the further apart.  To make this a "contradiction" you would have to prove proof that the two locations are the actual ones mentioned in the Bible.  You can not do that.  

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      I don't get the question .Can you help me ?

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    That is present day this 3000 years ago sparky

    things change, names change  we now know the city s Shechem

    and what is your proof that it was Hebron?

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