Exercises to help back pain?

A few days ago I slipped & landed right on my back, I couldn t get up for about a minute & that was only because I forced myself up

Everyone since then my back has been constantly stiff, in pain & overall awkward feeling

I don t want to go to the doctors because my local doctors suck & never actually take care of things

I ve been taking pain meds but I don t want to live off them

So what are some good exercises that will either help me deal with or completely get rid of this pain?

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  • Lili
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    7 months ago
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    First, you MUST see a doctor, to make sure you didn't do yourself a serious injury.

    He or she may refer you for physical therapy.  You should not do any exercises that have not been vetted by professionals for people with your particular back issues. This is NOT the place to get that professional advice.

    You may need to wait for more healing before you start an exercise regimen.

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