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What happened to a Montreal building?

In old pictures and videos of the Canadian GP in Montreal, you used to see a tall white structure, kind of looked like an upside down icicle. It was located in the Expo 67 locations, on one of the islands. Does anyone remember what that building was called and when it was torn down? I think it was replaced by the Casino De Montreal in the same location.

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    The building you are thinking of was the Great Britain pavilion at Expo 67.

    The next building to the side away from the Expo Express train tracks was France, and then Quebec next to France.

    The GB pavilion was demolished in the mid 1980s. The French pavilion along with Quebec was renovated and the Casino is inside the former French pavilion, and the former Quebec pavilion is used for offices to support the Casino.

    You can also see the UK pavilion in an episode of the original Battlestar Galactica, titled Greetings From Earth, and some shots they took at that time of the tall white tower of the GB pavilion were used regularly on the followup series Buck Rogers In The 25th Century.

    In this picture, the tall tower of the GB pavilion is quite clear, the building with all the vertical beams is France, and the building at center right with all the reflective panels is Quebec.

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