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Why does Quebec have Anglos in it (especially in Montreal)?

I always thought that Quebec was a quesentially French province with Natives. And I see Montreal as a mostly French city with Italians, Greeks, Portuguese, Jews, Latin Americans and those from the French Commonwealth (Haiti, North Africa, Vietnam, etc) thrown in.

But why are there so many Anglos there? I mean English-speaking WASP Canadians without a French bone in their bodies. They hate everything French, diss Montreal, and think they call the shots there. Why are they even in Quebec at all? I think they should move to Ottawa, where they can feud with the Francophones on a regular basis. Or better yet, move to the country's precious province Alberta, which is dominated by WASPs and where francophobia and xenophobia are the norm.

And since when was Quebec an IRISH colony? That sounds made up.

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    Quebec was a British colony (1763 to 1867) and Montreal was for a long time (even after Confederation) the commercial capital of Canada. So most big business like banks were own by anglophones (before moving to Toronto), even medium sized business were anglo owned. While some have moved away to Ontario since the 1970's, there is still a good anglo presence on the island of Montreal.

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    Quebec has always had English speaking areas.  The town (city?) of Alymer, upstream, and across the river from Ottawa is on.  Wakefield is another.  Montreal used to be 50% Anglo, although that number has really dropped after Quebec's language laws were made.  I think it is around 12% Anglo now.  French IS the official language of Quebec, but, lots of English is spoken there, and these days, other languages as well.  The English have been there for almost 300 years.

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    Hi Ano,

    The same question can be asked, "Why does Ontario have French in it (especially in Ottawa)?"

    French Ontarian have  their own TV : TFO "Télévision française de l'Ontario" they also have a public French university, and so on.

    Anglos are in Quebec specially in Montreal because they are Canadians, Quebec and Montreal are still part of this great nation, so why shouldn't Anglos stay in Montreal ?

    English Canadians are part of this city and a big part of the Montreal culture comes from these Anglos, nobody is denying it, Thus Montreal is the biggest french city in north America.

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    Thanks for exposing you complete ignorance and lack of intelligence in this blatant manner.

    1- after the British conquest of 1760, and because of unrest in New England (which led to the US independence of 1776) a lot of 'loyalists' -- Anglos who wanted to remain in a British Dominion, moved to Canada. They settled in the Eastern Township and in the west of Montreal island, since there was not much west of there (Toronto was not founded until 1793).

    2- The Anglos in Montreal (and in Quebec in general) form a vibrant community, known of its creativity and openness (something that you evidently don't have any concept of). They do not hate French, quite the opposite, given the number of Anglo artists who have decided to move to Montreal

    3- Ottawa is actually bilingual. In effect, with the surrounding towns, including Gatineau in Quebec, just across the river, about half of the overall population of the general area is fluent in both languages

    4- The Irish in Quebec are the result of the immigration following the "potato famine of 1847".

    Last comment: you wrote "I think..." 

    It is plainly obvious at this point that you are unable to perform that intellectual task, at the lowest level.

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