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What to do if a debt collector charges you again after you paid off debt?

I paid off debt collector in 2018 and decided to check out my new credit score recently. In late 2019 that same debt collector recharged me for the same amount I paid off in 2018. Should I contact the debt Collector directly or do something else to get this issue resolved?

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    You should familiarize yourself with the fair debt collection practices act. If you paid the debt and have proof in writing that they accepted the payment and the account debt is satisfied then they have violated your rights in putting the entry back on your reports. You should consult an FDCPA attorney. I am sure, if you are correctly telling your story you will be represented without cost to you at all. Lemberg law is a good law firm to start with. They are in Connecticut, I think. But they can represent you. FDCPA, their fees would come from the debt collector, if the law firm does win.

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    8 months ago

    You can dispute the charge with the credit bureau, providing them with copies of the paperwork showing that you paid off the debt in 2018.  

    At that point, the credit bureau will contact the debt collector with your evidence, and require that the debt collector show a reason why the debt should not be removed from your credit file.

    If everything is as clear-cut as you state, your credit file should be amended to show that the debt was paid off.

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    You should send them proof that you paid by registered or certified mail.

    Include a letter stating that should they continue with the harassment, you will take legal action against them.


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