My son recently bought a bunch of things on clash of clans with my card.?

My son bought a bunch of things on clash of clans using my card that is attached to our Apple ID by accident. I requested a refund from Apple because of this. What will happen to the in app purchases from his game? Will they be taken from him because of this refund or does the game not react? Please let me know for his case lol thank you!

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    It depends on how the developers of Clash of Clans chooses to deal with reversed charges...

    AT BEST, they'll just revoke all items that were purchased illegitimately...  especially if they're non-consumable items.

    AT WORST, they'll just ban your son's account outright for payment fraud.

    In any case, they will likely ban your son (& likely your credit card) from future in-game purchases as a protective measure since reverse charges negatively affect their rating with payment processors (as too many reversals [as a percentage of all transactions in the long run] can cause the payment processors to suspend & even cancel the developer's market account with them).

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