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Does my ex still have feelings for me?

I met my ex when we were 14. Im currently 24. He was my first with everything and "the one that got away" I'm still friends with his sister's. I met up with her a few months ago and he called her and since then we have been speaking. I am a bit confused on how he feels though. He will message me photos Of himself and his dog, and songs hes made. I told him i got a Mic to try and sing and he said he wants to hear me sing and to send him an accapella version so he can mix it. He also says things claiming to still really know me. Like "yeah your like that" or "yeah i know that's the music your into. He told me everything he has been up to in the past few years. Sends smiley emojis and sometimes writes paragraphs. He told me he think ill be a great teacher when i mentioned it and hes not one for just saying things like that to be polite(or maybe he is now) I want to tell him how I feel but he lives far away from me and im unsure of his feelings. He leaves me on read and doesnt text me frequently. I have mentioned catching up in person and he bypasses the conversation. So i guess i am getting signals that he still has feelings but doesnt know what to do. Any advice would help. Its always been him for me. But if its just friendly talk then i can move on and not put my feelings into just nice conversation. 

Being far away makes it hard. I dont want to tell him and freak him out and lose a friendship. Help me :(

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    You are both two different people now. You had fun when you were 14 and impressionable. You obviously liked each other - and he still does like you. But I suspect he's moved on, whereas you still remember the feelings you had at age 14 which were intense. It's an LDR without romance - which is probably a darn sight easier than a romantic one where you coo sweet nothings with no kisses and cuddles for months on end. No. Don't tell him and freak him out because he'll do a runner. Enjoy what you have got with him at the moment. If he gets more interested in you he'll make the first move. Don't spend your life mooning about him though. He's not your one and only soulmate in this world. There are quite a few out there for all of us strange though it seems. Go out and about with your mates and meet lots and lots of people to be friends with and you may find another one like him....only better....a real guy with real feelings for you.....not just memories. To this one you are a pleasant memory and a nice friendly person to talk to at the moment. If you were more than that he'd be your boyfriend already.….and he isn't. Accept it.  If, in 6 months, you are still hung up on him, get some counselling about it which will help you come to terms with history which is basically messing up your life at the moment.

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    Sounds like you are taking your 14 year old feelings into your adult life with very little encouragement or reason for it. 10 years went by without his courting you at all. He's not "the one that got away"! He's a boy you had a huge crush on when you were a CHILD. Sounds like you two are catching up. I'm no magic ball to tell you what his feelings are.

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