I just got accepted for unemployment and am confused.?

I am getting a weekly benefit rate of 200$. I am aware that with each week you are supposed to get an additional 600$. I just filed for the last 6 weeks and I received an email that said 1200$ has been sent to me. Does this mean I am not getting the 600 included for every week? or is that just sent separately? PLEASE HELP thanks!!

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Be careful because the "email" is probably fake.  Who exactly was it from?  The stimulus checks that people are receiving are $1200, from the IRS.  But you will NOT get an email from the IRS about it, because they never send emails.  I don't know about the $600, but if you want to find out the status of your $1200 check go to IRS.gov and look up where's my check.  Anyone who emails you and says that you're getting money is trying to scam you.

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