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Did the Israelite and Arabian tribes really consider each other kin, and who would have won in an all-out war in ancient times?

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  • 7mood
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    2 months ago

    for those who say abraham sons, well abrham spoke chaldean (not hebrew, not arabic)

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  • Mintee
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    2 months ago

    they are all kin... all from the house of Abraham.. from his two wives, Sarah and Hajar.. and Ismael and Issac his sons.. Isaac came the jewish line, and Ismael gave the arab line... but all same blood line from Abraham..

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  • 2 months ago

    Israelite and Arabs existed way before Judaism, thus Israelite were a tribe while Arabs were hundreds of tribes in Palestine and the surroundings. 

    They both existed before religions.

    5800 years ago, Moise spread the message he got, a lot of Arabs and Israelite converted to Judaism then 2050 years ago Jesus spread the message he got and a lot of Arabs and Israelite converted to Christianity, result : the same tribes married from each others in Palestine.

    Arabs were way before Israelite in Palestine, numbers explains the fact.

    Source(s): uselesstoputthesourcebecauseyoudontbelievewhatyoudontwrite
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  • User
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    2 months ago

    At some point in history

    (I think: pretty late in Israelite history, during the Roman era)

    one or more Jewish scholars opined (in writing) that the Arabs were descendants of Ishmael.

    So: throughout most of the existence of ancient Israel / Judah / Judaea

    probably the Jewish people did not perceive the Arabs as being any more closely related than other distant nations

    and less closely related than certain nearby nations such as the Ammonites and Moabites (Biblically: descendants of Lot) and Arameans (Biblically: Abraham's relatives and wives of Isaac and Jacob/Israel).

    At these ancient dates

    we have no Arabic written record concerning the Israelites.

    Given the distance between the ancient Israelites and ancient Arabs

    war between the two was extremely unlikely.

    We see the first mention of Arabs (that word used explicitly) in the Bible in 1 Kings during the reign of Solomon. The first mention refers to the trade goods from the kings of the Arabs and is part of the passage that brags about Solomon's financial success in distant, foreign trade.

    The first battle between Israelite and Arabians recorded in the Bible occurs in the time of King Jehoram. According to the Bible the Ethiopians (more precisely: Kushites) and their neighbors the Arabians joined forces to attack and loot Judah, including Jerusalem, going so far as to enslave the king himself and his sons. Jehoram dates to the mid-9th c. B.C.E. The nation of Kush

    had conquered Egypt during that period, and so one wonders where the Arabians were located with respect to the (at that time) extensive Kushite Empire. If, as the Bible indicates, it was neighbor to Kush proper rather than to Egypt, we're talking about a people quite distant.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The modern-day Israelites are the Palestinians, so yes being Arab we are kin. The "Jews" of today are actually Khazars from Russia who falsely identify as Israelites.  

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      Micha(El)...if the modern Jew were indeed Khazars, then they would be slanty eyed and speak a Turkic language. You’re a typical Neo nazi moron, with a warped view of history. You’ve allowed yourself to be blinded by hate 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The Arabs were in the Arabian peninsula, whilst the Israelites were in Canaan. They didn’t really have much contact between them, as they were both ruled by more powerful empires at that time, never mind go to war with one another 

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