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I’m a rams fan and don’t know much about Cam Akers. Does anyone know if he was a good pick or not in the draft? ?

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    I think he was a solid pick.  Akers isn't Todd Gurley, but he's fast, shifty, has good vision, and can contribute in the passing game.  I really liked him.  I wouldn't say he was a steal, because 52 overall might have been a bit higher than I would have taken him.  But it's not because I think he's a bad player.  I just think RB is a oversupplied position.

  • ?
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    8 months ago

    It was a logical pick at least with star RB Todd Gurley going back to Georgia to play for his hometown Falcons basically

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    That remains to be seen. He certainly fits a position of need with Gurley moved to Atlanta and seems to fit the bill for that offense.

  • Mier
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    8 months ago

    He’s better be. In 2019 the Rams run game was a disappointment after the previous year before the team had. 

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