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What is 100,000 won and 110,000 won in korean?


Korean currency.. is it sip man won both??

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    ₩100,000 would be "ship man won" or "십만원." ₩110,000 would be "ship il man won" or "십일만원." 

    The Korean language relies on two different counting systems - one based on words for numbers using pure Korean and one using names for numbers based on Sino-Korean. Koreans use the Sino-Korean counting system for talking about money. 

    The national currency is the won. The won is issued in ₩1,000 banknotes, ₩5,000 banknotes, ₩10,000 banknotes, ₩50,000 banknotes and various denominations of coins. 

    Koreans use the unit "10,000" to talk about money. Why? Who knows? That's the system. So "one hundred thousand won" would be translated as "ten ten-thousand won" (ship = ten), (man = ten-thousand.)

    The same principle applies when talking about ₩110,000. It would be "eleven ten thousand (notes.)" 

    Ship (10) + il (1) = eleven (ship-il)

    It's definitely a strange system to people unaccustomed to it, but it makes sense in Korea as the ₩10,000 note is the most commonly used and Koreans are predisposed to think of big numbers because the concept of ₩1 is of so little value that it's not even worth it to attempt to figure out what percentage of a cent that might constitute. 

    Here's a little trick for doing very rough conversations in your head:

    $1 = ¥100 =  ₩1,000

    From USD to Japanese Yen add two zeroes and from USD to Korean Won add three zeroes. 

    You can also figure it out from Korean won or Japanese yen the same way. Korean won to USD subtract three zeroes; Japanese yen to USD subtract two zeroes. 

    $1 - ₩1,000

    $10 - ₩10,000

    $100 - ₩100,000

    $1,000 - ₩1,000,000

    $10,000 - ₩10,000,000

    $100,000 - ₩100,000,000

    $1,000,000 - ₩1,000,000,000

    These are only approximations, it's not an exact science as the value of any currency fluctuates, but you can figure out roughly how much money is being mentioned or discussed or charged if you use this simple system that requires absolutely no arithmetic.  

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    It's 100,000 and 110,000 Won.

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    2 months ago

    That's the $64,000 question.

    • freeze2 months agoReport

      Im asking in  korean word...

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