Is it possible to tell that I am using a PO Box instead of my real address?

A few years ago the USPS started allowing street addressing for PO Boxes.  So you can use the address of the post office instead of writing PO Box 1234, City, State and ZIP.  My post office box happens to be on the first floor of a 10 story residential building.  The bottom floor is all businesses including the post office.

The building apartments are labeled as 4A, 4B, 6F, etc.   But the PO Boxes are numbered 201, 202, 603, 705, etc.  So I can either write my PO Box address as:  P.O. Box 404, City, State, Zip or I can write 1744 N. Ashbury Ave, #404, City, State and Zip.  Even thought the PO instructions say to write Ste 404 or Box 404 after the address I usually put Apt 404 or # 404.

So I am wondering if I used this address for my drivers license or for my kids to attend school in the area where the post office is, would there be a database showing that I am actually using a PO Box or would they think I live in the building?  And how would they know that if the PO address is the same as the residential apartments.  Thanks. 

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    You may be able to get away with it .  It is a shame the kids can't go to school where they want to go . Voucher system .   Let the failing schools fail . Reward the good schools .

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    May you die of cancer you piece of shiit 

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    Short version:  You want to use this for fraud.  You do understand that it would take just one incident for the DMV or school district to catch this and go after you?  The DMV wants your residential address, and defrauding a school district is always a terrible idea.   You'll get discovered, but even if you didn't, when your kids get asked where they live, you plan to bring them in on this and tell them what lies to say?  Oh wait.  Your kids can't even have friends over.  Yeah, that'll work.

    You're disgusting. Let them go to school with their friends and neighbors.

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    Since you don't RENT a PO box at the post office, and your box is actually AT your place of residence, your Box number IS your real address. You don't have to use the abbreviation PO for your box number--just your street address and the BOX number. i.e. 100 Anywhere Ave. BOX 301, etc. That shows you are a resident of the building and serves as your real address. Anyone who needs to know will get that this is an apartment building.

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    They will probably know, yes. You also need more than just a license. You need utility bills or a lease/mortgage that shows you actively live there.

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    'Street addressing' is ONLY for package delivery by third-party carriers such as UPS and FedEx. And this ONLY came about because UPS and FedEx were coming to post office delivery units every day with packages generated through them with the actual delivery to made by USPS letter carriers. The reason why these companies always needed a street address previously was because they had NO access to the PO boxes. They still do not, but since they were going to the post office anyway, they could just drop off packages at the post office using the street address of the PO.

    That's why you address a UPS or FedEx package with the address of the PO followed by the box number, using the #.

    Regular mail is NOT to be addressed to the address of the PO, it is addressed directly to the PO box. And you do NOT give out your package-only mailing address as your legal address.

    Source(s): Retired letter carrier 38+ years
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    I'm sure anyone who needs to know whether an address is a legitimate resiential address, such as the department of motor vehicles or the school system, has ways of finding out.

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    You have to use a physical address with a residential certificate of occupancy for the DMV.

    Yes, they have a list of what this is.

    Try using your work address- which is a REAL address not a bogus PO Box and it will still get rejected. 

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    even if a license has a PO box on it, it must have an actual address associated with it.

    from NY

    Your DMV documents and records display your mailing address. If you reside at an address that is different from the address where you receive mail, you must enter the address of your residence on any application forms.

    that way when PD runs your license, it does give your home address

    SMH, the PO is NOT a real residential address.  you can write it to look more residential, but that does not make it a residential address.

    Years ago, I had a box at a UPS store.  It looks like an apartment number, but if you googled the address, you would see it wasn't.  for your place, someone may notice that the residential units are listed different than the post  office addresses for the boxes.

    if someone did some detective work, they would figure it out.

    You can't use for your drivers license (as your home address), you have to use your home address (on the application).

    I would hope motor vehicle computers recognize it as a fake home address

    school may miss it, but if you get caught, expect to be successfully sued at least $7000/year per my area average cost per student is about 15K/year.

    the school should be aware of how the post office addresses PO box and be on alert for that.

    do ID requirements for the license require a lease, deed, or mortgage  statement?

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    I was not aware of what you are talking about but I am 100% sure that all DMVs require a physical address. But do they have software to catch it? Probably not so it might work. 

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