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Is it okay to teach my sister martial arts?

She's going to be a cop. I don't want her getting beat up. I've been doing martial arts for a while now (black belt). In judo and jiu jitsu. I think it's a good idea. She wants to learn. I taught her body language stuff, so far and like 4 techniques. I learned from a reliable source. I taught her osoto gari and ippon seinagi.  The guy who taught me was a cop and worked for the FBI 25 years. Another was in the military. I don't know if I should he the one teaching her. She picks up moves fast.


Bon, i learn from them for years and years

Update 2:

Anon. Cool beans... What do i have to prove as an anonymous poster?

Update 3:

The whole point of asking a question is getting an answer... That's the point. The question is "should I teach my sister martial arts?" Then, I included details. That's all. There's many gyms out there. She doesn't have to learn from me.

Update 4:

Okay. I won't teach her

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    OK, those are powerful throws, but can end catastrophically if the person doesn't land right.  And unless the person's trained, they probably won't, so unless you want your sister crippling dudes, maybe focus more on the hip-style throws (O-Goshi, Harai Goshi, Koshi Guruma, maybe Uchi-Mata).

    But yeah.  I've got friends who are LEOs and they don't really get much in the way of training, formally.  Any additional training is good.  I'd also probably work on some newaza, particularly pinning and escaping pins.  The former may be a big part of her job, and the latter is essential for self-defense.

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    Also btw if you were as you claim you would not have to ask such a question.

    I call bs on the whole thing. Sounds like a lame wanna be story line.

  • jared
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    5 months ago

    Gotta be careful with this tho

  • Bon
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    Just because you learned some techniques from "a guy" does not mean you have the expertise to teach it. Being a police officer is not just about passing an examine and wearing a badge. She will be trained by professionals who have been there and done that. Unless you have real world experience and just classroom training, you don't know what she needs to know since you don't know it either. It doesn't matter how fast she pick things up. If you train her incorrectly or improperly, you are setting her up for failure and that could mean losing her life.

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  • Pearl
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    i dont see why not

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