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Do I have any hope getting into university with a very low SAT score? Especially a nurse major?

I got a 990... 490 R/W and 500 M

I plan on retaking it in September, and it’s the last one :/. I am so scared. I get straight A’s. And take honors/AP classes but always do horrible on these tests. People with worse grades in school got a better score than me. But i also randomly answered like 20 R/W questions because I was running out of time. I wasn’t focused on math either. Any advice? 

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    Start at a community college and work your way up, and into university.

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    Your SAT score is a red flag and will absolutely damage your chances of getting into a competitive program like a direct-admission BSN.  If you get straight A's and do fine on classroom tests, what is the problem with the SAT for you? 

    My advice would be any or all of the following:

    1. Purchase at least two SAT study guides (Barron's, Princeton Review, Kaplans, etc.). Work through both books on a daily basis and take the various practice tests.  You need practice and familiarity in not only what is on the test but how it is structure.

    2. Look at your test results and see if you can pinpoint some issues.  Are you are super slow reader?  Were you unable to understand the questions you were being asked or narrow down your answer choices?  Did you have difficulty with vocabulary?  

    3. If you lack basic concepts of mastery of some kind of math, use Kahn Academy or some other tutoring program to nail that stuff down.  

    4.  if you have major tea anxiety, ask your parents about getting some counseling to help you develop techniques that can calm you down and help you focus.

    5. If you think you might have a reading problem, ask your parents and school counselor about getting tested.  

    Do you know how you've done on your AP Exams?  Is it possible that your high school grades easily?  A kid with straight A's including in AP classes should be scoring in the 1400's not under 1000. 

    Best of luck to you. 

  • drip
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    Take the exam again. With a score this low you may want to plan on taking it twice more. Sorry but I don’t test well is not an excuse.  Once in college and nursing most of your class grade is based on tests.     Many of them will be timed exams.  Research time management skills for the SAT exam. Why weren’t you focused in math?

    You have taken it once , it is going to easier to study for it now. 

    As amaretto posted take practice exams. Time yourself. 

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    Take a prep course this summer if you can, as well as take practice tests. You probably won't be able to raise your grade a huge amount, but if you can get it up to 1100, it might help. 

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