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How do ISPs handle customers' data?

Leafing through a computer magazine the other day, it mentioned that although using incognito mode in a web browser won't leave a history or cookies, it still won't prevent your ISP - among others - from knowing which sites you've visited.

But what do ISPs do with this information? Is any employee free to dip in at any one time? Do ISPs have a system in place so that if someone accesses an illegal site they're alerted? 

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    It goes in to the server log files, where is is generally kept for six months (a legal requirement in many countries).

    Generally, the only time anyone will look at any details is if they get served with a warrant or a customer reports problems and they have to look at the customers access logs.

    A large ISPs log system will be adding probably thousands of records per second - no one has time to study them for the sake of it & it's also probably illegal for them to do so without good cause.

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