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is it permissable to walk on marsh land ?


Local Connecticut query: is foot traffic allowed on Wildlife Management Area ?

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    Mostly no.  Many places are protected because of nesting or endangered species, even the plants.

    And you might need to be rescued.  That could be expensive.

    Source(s): I tried that 52 years ago in New Zealand. I walked around the edge of a lake. The grass gave way to weeds, then brambles. I folded my legs at the knees and walked over the horizontal twigs and branches. I was lucky to get out without even being muddy. The hotel staff had never heard of anyone doing that. I guess I was lucky not to disappear forever.
  • 5 months ago

    It depends on where the marshland is. Some is protected  and there is limited access. Being able to walk on it is another question as well. Most of the marsh land that I have encountered was impossible to work on because it would not support the weight of a person. If you stepped out on it you immediately sunk up to you hips. 

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    Did you just assume you have rights? Get back in the cage.

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