imagine if this world is a simulation and there's hundreds, thousands, millions, billions of them running at once ?

you can press pause on one simulation and let a new one just launched play out and catch up, and then pause that.

you could unpause one that you started at the very beginning before all the simulations...and then pause that and continue another.

imagine if the person 'controlling' this simulation became 'aware' that an object/entity in one of his simulations began to 'ask questions?' about him/her/it self ?

its like you and i playing a number of games which have save slots, and you can load any one you want to continue playing it.

what if one of the characters became 'aware' it/he/she was in a 'game' or began to ask questions about itself ?

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    That would be awesome on one hand but on the other what if everybody you know and love isn’t real?

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