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Introducing two female guinea pigs?

My mom surprised me with a female guinea pig a month ago. She didn’t know that guinea pigs should be in pairs. After that guinea pig underwent 2 weeks of treatment for a URI, I kept her at home for 2 weeks to adjust. However, I just got another female guinea pig for a friend. 

They’re both 5 months old but they’re not from the same litter and don’t know each other. I have a 24” by 70” custom c&c cage so they have enough space. I put a divider in the middle of the cage and placed the New Guinea pig in. After a day, I noticed they’ve been sniffing through the bars and talking, so I deciding to lift the divider. 

They look like they’re doing typical dominance stuff, like lifting the chin, light chasing, etc. and not all the time, like they can walk away from each other. It looks like they’re popcorning too, but I’m not sure. They sniff each other’s face and butt and then popcorn, and sometimes the pig who is getting sniffed popcorns too. They’re popcorning is more aggressive than I’ve seen so that’s why I hope it’s popcorning! Is this normal?

Also, my first pig has an obsession with hair. She chews my dog’s hair when they’re cuddling (yes, she cuddles with my dog and doesn’t look distressed at all), chews my hair, my dad’s, etc. I always thought she maybe thinks it’s hay but it looks like she’s chewing the hair of the New Guinea pig too. There hasn’t been any blood and nothing that looks like a fight, just aggressive popcorning and chewing hair. Is this normal?

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