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Why are there pyramids all over the world?

What does archeologist say about that?

Conspirancy theorist says that a lost people built them woldwide, someone talks about aliens...

i never found information about that from the academic archeology.


yes but some pyramids are very similar. i know that they had different functions and were "simply" to built, i think also that is simply to think about a such form, because it resemble a mountain... 

Update 2:

if alien could build starship they could built also skyscrapers, nuclear power plant, overcraft, flying cars, etc... 

Update 3:

Yes, I think that's plausible... 

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    They are called pyramids but they are not identical in shape or form. Pyramids are easier to build than rectangular buildings because the larger base makes them more stable. Go to a beach, and see people build sand dunes. They do not build rectangular ones but ones that look like pyramids for the same reason.

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  • 2 months ago

    Prior to psychologist Carl Jung, it was believed that everything in your unconscious mind was collected from your personal experience. Jung said that there was a deeper level, known as the collective unconscious. In this level, there were images that you were born with. This is why civilizations such as Egypt and the Mayans could build near identical pyramids, even though they never had contact with each other. The image and the belief that it was important was something

    that the people in each civilization were born with. Jung considered the collective unconscious as the communal memory of the human species, the depository of ancient shapes, symbols and images.

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  • 2 months ago

    its aliens i say.............

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