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My bestfriend is traveling to a knew city to work. And I'm freaking out.?

Me and my Bestfriend got a house together after Graduation. Been living together for 9 years. He just told me that there is no work here so he got a Job in another city 1h 30m away. He said that he would stay with his Grandmother. But on his days off he will come back here. Which means I'll have to look after the House and His Dog..... I'm not a Dog person. By myself and im Afraid this is a big Change for me. Also afraid he will get tired of going back and forth and live there.

 What would you do in my Situation or how would you handle it?

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  • 2 months ago

    Suggest you all move to where his job is. If you are renting, that would not be a big deal. You could rent the house if he owns it. Maybe you could be like gypsies & just hop from one job to another. Our future right now is unknown with this virus.

  • 2 months ago

    Not your dog, not your problem. He needs to either take the dog with him and figure out where he can stay with it or rehome it.

    How are you going to afford to pay your mortgage when he's living elsewhere? Is he going to still pay it? If he does decide to stay there well, then you have him sell you his share of the house. You'll have to pay him whatever's he's put into it and half of any increase in its value.

    How are you graduating from college or even high school yet you type "knew city" instead of "new city"?  Seriously?

  • 2 months ago

    If you are living rent-free, I can see being required to care for the dog (in place of rent).  However, do you jointly rent or jointly own said house?  It may depends on whose name the lease or whose name the house payments are in.  

    If you own the house - you can decide to sell it or rent it out & go back to live w/ friends or family.  If he owns the house & has fallen on hard times, he should sell it or rent it out.If you want to stay in the house, then you get a burglar alarm (wireless like SimpliSafe) would be best.   You can choose to install it yourself, or get it done for you.  Can you afford to rent & pay utilities, if he does not continue to pay?  You can decide to rent out a room to somebody whom you can get good references on - but only on a month to month basis, in case he wants to return.  You could consider sub-leasing the house, or turning it into an Air B&B. If you are not a dog person - you tell him the dog needs to GO with him or be re-homed.  But I am surprised the dog does not make you feel SAFER.  He must have thought you would feel safer & less abandoned if he left the dog.  BTW, doggie day care is an option (during the day) for EITHER of you.

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