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How do you pay back EI if you make over $1000?

I lost one of my jobs due to covid and was making less than $1000, so applied for and was receiving Employment Insurance. I have recently picked up more hours at my other job and have been making over $1000/month, therefore making me not eligible to receive EI. However, I have still been receiving payments from the gov and don't know how to send them back. I have done all my EI stiff through Service Canada and and not CRA. If someone could let me know how to pay it back and give me a link to that page (if online), that would be great.

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    Where I live we're required to report our weekly wages every single week.  There is no way we could be overpaid because the state knows how much we made that week before we are issued benefits.

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      I live in Ontario. Do you know how it works there? 

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