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Why did God allow Satan into the Garden of Eden?

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    God allowed Satan into the Garden in order to give Adam and Eve a chance to exercise their free will. Obedience to God, or sin?

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    The angel who made himself Satan and the Devil was one of the most beautiful angel's created. He was assigned as the anointed covering cherub Ezekial 14a and 15b  tells us that he - this cherub - was faultless in all his ways - until - unrighteousness was found in him. That unrighteousness was jealousy of the exclusive devotion that humans would give God. Envy made this special cherub want that devotion and worship for himself. He fomented the rebellion in Eden by using a snake in the same way  a ventriloquist works.

    Later in the temptation of Jesus by Satan we see the same effort. He tells Jesus that he will give him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory because they were his to give if ---- Jesus would bow down and do an act of worship to him. Jesus' reply was emphatic and simple "Go away, Satan! For it is written: It is Jehovah your God you must worship, and it is to him alone you must render sacred service."  Matthew 4:8-10

    Observe that in banishing Satan from his presence, Jesus never argued against Satan's claim of being in the position of giving Jesus "all the kingdom's of the earth and their glory."

    Before the cherub made himself into Satan and the Devil, he was assigned to the earth by God to provide for Adam and his offspring. After the rebellion, God never ended Satan's assignment  with good reason.

    Adam chose Satan's authority against God's right to rule. Til this day humans are experiencing the results of that rebellion and the earth being left under the temporary rulership of Satan. 1 John 5:19 tells us the conditions under which we live. "...the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." Jesus explained it this way when referencing Satan's position in the world. John 12:31; Now there is a judging of this world; and the ruler of this world will be cast out." Again at Luke10:18 Jesus tells us: At that he said to them: I see Satan already fallen like lightening from the heavens."

    There is much more to this. However I suggest you do the research. An excellent source for Bible study and Bible research is Please use your copy of the Bible.

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    If God were human, the only reason would be that Satan sneaked in or God allowed Satan in to test the obedience of Adam and Eve. However a God is supposed to know the outcome as well as where everything/everyone is, meaning the story would not make any sense from this perspective and you can see as usual, the story gets written after the fact as a poor attempt to explain our human nature (Original Sin), which is why babies are born into sin (human nature). Of course the story blames the woman, where often it is the women who worry and are paranoid of something bad happening.

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    Back in those early days it was very difficult to find competent gardeners.  Satan was the only available option.

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    At our weekly Athiest meeting, Satan unmuted (we're on Zoom now) and said that He had to be present in the Garden of Eden in order to move the story forward.  A monotheistic mythology without a Manichean opponent has no dramatic motivation.

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    He may have done this to educate us. This is because I think that Satan uses the same type of lie to deceive Eve as he tries to deceive us and the same type of lie that he tried but was unable to deceive Jesus in the desert.

    Source(s): Bible
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    Mostly likely, the fall of Adam and Eve was always part of God's plan.

    Do you think God is stupid? Why would God place the Forbidden Tree right in the middle of the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were sure to be around it. Any public health employee would tell you that hazardous material needs to have some sort of protective containment around it. The Forbidden Tree was completely unprotected. Why did God make the fruit of the Forbidden Tree appear "good for food and pleasing to the eye"? If God really didn't want Adam to eat from it, it should have stunk! Then God placed a talking serpent on the tree.... What was God thinking??? 

    Perhaps the whole idea of creating humans with a soul "in his image" was because humans could bring sometime valuable to heaven that heaven cannot produce for itself. Humans are capable of responding to pain, suffering and death, with grace, love and goodness. Humans can conquer tribulations with love, something valuable that heaven can't do because there is no suffering in heaven. 

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    There's no mention of Satan being in the garden - only a serpent who was used to speak deception. That aside, anyone who makes an accusation needs to have his claim tested, to see if it is true, before justice can be carried out. The evil one accused God of not telling the couple the whole truth, and of holding something back from them, that could be theirs if they disobeyed God. If God prevented the evil one from stating and proving his case, the entire heavenly realm of angels would have wondered, "What's God got to hide? Could our fellow-angel have a point?"

    No - God has nothing to hide and nothing to fear - which was exactly the same with the first couple. But when they chose to believe the lie, then they felt the need to hide from God, out of fear. They discovered that God had spoken the truth, because they did die. Yet God, in His mercy, already had a plan of salvation worked out prior to any creation being done, and told the couple of a coming One (from the line of the woman) who could crush the serpent in the head. The Bible unfolds this mystery, culminating in cosmic justice being done when Christ returns to Earth to usher in the Day of Resurrection and Judgment. God has a long-term solution to the most immense crime in the cosmos.

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    Well, the writer(s) made mistakes trying to present a story.  There are so many things wrong with that situation and all believers can do is try too cover up the errors and make excuses.

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    Satan has access to the entire planet for the time being. Eventually of course he will be restricted to Hell for all eternity.

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