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Do I have the right to make a complaint against a hospital for negligence?

My girlfriend got an infection from a surgical wound. 

This wound has been open since november and she’s made several complaints about how it wasn’t closing up. They responded about how it will heal up. They provided some kind of powder to help heal the wound. 

However it wasn't effective. She made more complaints, and they respond saying it will heal.

Now she’s getting pain from the wound and its developed a mild infection.

Then they told her to wait until her upcoming appointment. Which is a week later.

Instead we took action and made an appointment with another area. Where they declared its an infection. 

Can I complain about negligence of a hospital? Even my girlfriend’s brother almost died because they “forgot” to prescribe medication to prevent bloodclots.

Hear my frustration to watch my girlfriend suffer for the past year and a half 


Like it doesn’t feel consistent every time I’m at that one hospital. Like its depressing 

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    no you do not any right to file a

    complaint only she or her family

    members can do that

    is she diabetic? why the wound

    wont heal

    is she eating a lot of sugary foods

    she should take Vit C to speed up

    the healing process

    and stop all sugar intake for 15 days

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    No you can't file a complaint.  You're her boyfriend, which means you're basically nobody legally.

    Your girlfriend made the mistake of going back to the same hospital emergency room for a problem she should have visited her GP over.  The ER doesn't work that way.

    As soon as you're seen by an emergency doctor, the ER's first priority is how to get you the hell out of the ER.  They can admit you to a ward upstairs, they can send you to emergency surgery, or they can patch you up and send you home.  Unless you get tired of waiting and walk out, those are their only three options.

  • kelvin
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    5 months ago

    your question raises so many doubts as your information doesn't add up as you say she has been suffering for a year and a half but it's only 6 months from November until now and where did the whole year come from, unless she had it in November 2018 which you never mentioned in your question

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    5 months ago

    She would need to ask a lawyer if she wants compensation. But it will be on a no-win no-fee basis against a hospital with virtually unlimited legal protection, so they may not be too interested.  It could be messy if she didn't discharge herself properly from the out-patient care of the first hospital.

    Doesn't the new hospital have to write to your doctor explaining what they have done and why?

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  • 5 months ago

    You have no legal standing as far as being able to force them to do anything, but you have every right to make your concerns known. Try to stay focused on the specific issue.

  • 5 months ago

    No.  You are not the patient or a family member of the patient or the guardian of the patient.  Your girlfriend can file a complaint.  

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