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how do i learn grammar & math with a learning disability?

im trying to go back to school and hopefully go to college. im currently in GED classes. my grammer is horrible. i find it hard to understand things. my learning disability affects other parts of my life. not just with school. i think each day im sinking into depression and not realizing it because i havent accomplished anything with my life. seeing people graduate or talking about college is the most difficult thing ever. when i was a kid i had to drop out of school. at age 14 i took on the responsibility of taking care of my mother and younger brother who are disabled. i come from a big family but no one takes care of my mother or my brother so that responsibility fell into my hands. my mother is the most important person in the world to me and its a privilege to still have her with me. i wanna finish school and start my own life seperate from home life. my learning disability and anxiety are two powerful things that are stopping me from becoming a successful person. any help or advice would be appropriated  

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You learn the same as everybody else, only it takes you more time. Maybe a tutor would help give you incentive to study and a little extra help when you need it?

    • Shadoe2 months agoReport

      where do i start? i mean what area in math i need to learn and understand to pass..

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