Sitcom remake?

So the remake of Sabrina, I love it. I think “the chilling adventures of Sabrina” is much better “Sabrina the teenage witch”; I’m wondering about “Charmed” is it better than the original one? Eventhough I don’t know if charmed is a Netflix’s series.

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  • 2 months ago

    I only saw a handful of the original Sabrina.  I thought it was a cute little sitcom.  I particularly thought the characters/actors all had charisma and chemistry and it was a cute show.  It just wasn't all THAT funny.  So I didn't stick with it.  It was a sitcom after all, and the point was to make me laugh.

    I saw the first episode of the new Sabrina, and I didn't care for it.  It's a COMPLETELY different show.  It really is not in anyway striving to be a reboot or successor to the original.  It's a completely different take.  And I kind of was interested in that.  But the show just didn't grab me.  The lead actress I found very blah.  I found everything just blah.  You liked it, and that's cool.  But I didn't.

    Charmed the original was just about putting pretty people in a TV show and trying to copy the supernatural troubleshooting team thing that Buffy had (and failing completely to be even 1% as good as Buffy).  It was an Aaron Spelling show, which if you know anything about Aaron Spelling, you know how little he gave a crap about any creative values.  And it showed, I thought.

    I've not seen the new Charmed.  It's on CW, not Netflix.  I have heard from some people who liked the original Charmed much more than I do, that they hate the new one.  I have no idea if their POV is typical or not.

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  • Kathy
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    2 months ago

    I like the original Sabrina. The reboot is terrible.

    • Puertorican2 months agoReport

      Is real witch now, closer to the comics.

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