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.223 remington vs .308 winchester?

So the .223 travels faster (which makes it go farther).  The .308 winchester is heavier though.

A .308 winchester has more stopping power though.

But which one penetrates deeper though?  One has more stopping power but does it penetrate deeper?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    MASS and SPEED.   The .223 is considered an intermediate round.   The 308 is considered a high power round.   If you are hunting deer or bear you need the bigger more powerful 308..

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  • 1 month ago

    Go further is wrong. The .223 being so much lighter slows faster

    ..223 goes subsonic about 500 yards and worthless beyond that.

    The .308 goes subsonic about 1000 yards.

    162 grain, standard load, I hit 10 Cm targets at 880 yards.

    The .223 will go that far, but you won't hit any targets at that range.

    400 yards is about the best accurate range with a good gun.

    AR-15,,more like 350 yards tops.

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  • 1 month ago

    " .223 travels faster (which makes it go farther)" -- The second part of that statement is FALSE.  The .308 is a longer range cartridge, because it has more kinetic energy due to the mass of the bullet.  The .223 loses velocity faster and is usually slower than the .308 by the time it gets to 200 yards.  While some specialist target shooters (with their own reloaded cartridges) will take the .223 to a 1000 yards, it is a 600-800 yard cartridge at best with factory ammo.  The .308 can reach out to 1000 yards easily and even 1200 yards is not out of the question.

    I recommend than rather than continuing to ask the wrong questions, you do some research on "Ballistics" and "Terminal Ballistics".  Ballistics will give the information about a bullet's range, velocity, drop, and how it is affected by wind.  Terminal ballistics will give you information about how bullet behaves when it is struck a target--a much more complicated subject.

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  • 1 month ago

    Law of physics:  speed(in feet) X mass (in lbs) = energy (stopping power)

    223 does have speed, 3,000 but little mass 55gr to 62gr normal ammo.  69gr with match ammo.  Push it to 75 and 77gr for expensive and exotic.

    308 match does 2780 ft per second, not that much less than 223, but has a whopping higher mass of 168 grains.  308 in 110gr will hit 3200ft per second.  That totally flanks your 'assumptions" 

    In 600yd competition you don't see many match shooters going to 223 because the wind will practically knock it off the paper.   Not to mention it barely has the power to penetrate much when it get there.  Meanwhile 308 shooters can easily score well at 600yd and push the 308 to 1,000yd.

    308 hands down.  Nicer hunting bullets.

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