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Everything only exist in our mind. Think about it. If we didn't have a mind nothing would exist.?

Sure their is life. But without the mind there is no life. Colors only exist in our mind. Feelings, emotion it all only exist in our mind.

I heard this some where and it really made me think. What's your opinion on this?


Thank you for sharing your views! <3

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    Immanuel Kant wrestled with this, and decided that "our mind" is part of a 5-sense data processing system, which was shaped by and perceived time and space by organism-based processes.  What the "thing as such" (Ding an sich) was, was for Immanuel Noumenal, essentially the ancient Greek "unknown God."


    The Slightest Philosophy by Quee Nelson;

    Understanding Yourself by Mark Prophet;

    Light Is a Living Spirit;

    Runaway Realization;

    Zen and the Brain;

    The World beyond Your Head:  On Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction.

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    Asking for an opinion is not asking a question.

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    I don't agree with it. I agree that there are things that exist only within minds, like feelings, thoughts, and imaginary beings, but to assert that only that which is within the mind exists, and nothing exists outside of the mind, makes no sense to me, and you haven't presented even a hint of persuasive reasoning with which to convince me.

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    Yes you are correct. The receiving end has to be there. They are conducting experiments on rats where they do total head transplantations. If you switch 2 rats heads one rat becomes the other rat.

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    You are correct here!But why making this a complicated topic?Am i right that your mind is simply lacking activity and SO producing similar ideas?Let me suggest you do some practical stuff that DOES make you busy!I never have such ideas & why?Because i AM busy!!

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    The mental activity does play an important part in all of this.  It is lucky enough to actually have a cognizant activity helping the body coordinate, cooperate, and or collaborate sometimes more, sometimes less, with whatever instincts tell it to.  That is how an individual social activity survives.  Without such mental activity survival would not be possible.  

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    i only have half a mind, so my opinion won't take long.

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    you could be right but if you take another hit from the bong, I'm sure you could come up with something else mind blowing. Like the earth is flat so the water just flows over the edge along underneath and comes back up on the other side

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    How about the idea that somebody else's blue might be your green, and their green, your blue? If both people were to point at green, they'd both see it as green in their own heads, never knowing the fact that in reality they both saw a different color. How about if somebody else's square was your round, and their round, your square? What if somebody else was living in what you'd consider hell, and torment, yet to them it was heaven, and bliss? Never underestimate what you think everyone else sees the world as, because there are many mental disorders to back up the idea that many out there do live in literal nightmares, some seeing them as such, others, not doing, and going about their every day life like what they're personally experiencing is normal. However, whose to say what's normal? My normal might be completely different to yours, I might be what you'd consider a psycho, you might be what I'd consider a psycho. Maybe... we're all psycho...?

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    Even if we'd would not be Conscience of it, won't not mean it does not exist.

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