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Caught a friend's mother stealing my huge package from Amazon Prime?

I heard someone knocking. I looked through the peephole and saw my friend's mother. I saw her picking up my package that was delivered by USPS from Amazon Prime. Then I saw her walk away with it to her daughter's residence. She lives close to me. Apparently, her daughter and son-in-law watched the whole thing... like they were in on it. I messaged her on facebook and asked what she wanted. She said she was knocking on the wrong door. I then asked her about my package. I could see she was trying to figure out what to type. She said she picked it up because 3 black people were outside near my packages. There was no one outside. It's funny how she mentions skin color too. First she stated that she was at the wrong door, and when I brought up the package, she changes her story. She was knocking on my door to see if I was home. If I didn't open the door, it was an easy way to get away with stealing. She and her whole family are known thieves. Her son-in-law was seen many times opening car doors and stealing items with his young children next to him. The thing is, they were all arrested plenty of times and never serve time in jail. Stealing USPS packages... isn't that a federal offense? Plus, I have proof from the messages. These people need to go to prison. Do I contact the FBI? My children are both disabled. It was their packages. Isn't that messed up? I need help on what to do? Now I know my packages aren't safe.


I wish I could, but the cops don't do anything.  They arrest them and released the next day.  

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    Call the cops....................

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