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Do I need ielts?

I am a Canadian citizen. I am studying at an IB school in China. I feel confident about my English. My English is fluent and I have no problem communication or writing. Do I need ielts for university?

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    you are shirking.

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    You have been attending school in a non-English speaking country so you must take IELTS - UNLESS you went to an accredited international school conducted in English & on either US, UK, or Australian educational system to be fully equivalent of high school graduation in your country. (Canada does not have any international school system, e.g. for children of the country's diplomatic corps. US, UK, & France do.)

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    For what university?? Go on their web site and read requirements to apply. Or try to contact the admissions office.

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    Individual universities may have different requirements. My university used to require a test from all Canadians, because some are French speakers and do not necessarily have academic English skills. The decision may depend on information from your school about whether your classes have been conducted in English or not. The point of IELTS or TOEFL is to show that you have ACADEMIC reading and writing skills in English, which is quite different from conversational skills that you might have picked up at home. 

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    Ask the admissions offices of the universities you are interested in.  I presume that your IB programme school teaches through the medium of English or you'd have mentioned it.  Between that and your Canadian citizenship it's unlikely, but best not to presume which is always good advice.

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