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Is nursing school hard?

I dont have any science background and my math sucks. I am not sure if i can go thru nursing school without science background and bad maths but I really want go down this path. I am interested in nursing but just scared it will be hard for me without these backgrounds. 

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    It is hard, but not because the math and science are too complicated. It's hard because it is a large volume of information in a short period of time. The math you need is basic algebra for doing drug calculations. It is not much more than simple single-variable equations and basic arithmetic. If you can solve this: (2x + 3 = 7) then you can do the math you need for nursing. Depending on the program you'll also probably have some exposure to statistics but you won't be doing any calculating beyond the bare minimum.

    The chemistry, anatomy & physiology, etc. are prerequisites. You need to do well enough to maintain a 3.0-3.5 GPA to get admitted to the nursing program. If you know some of those classes will be particularly hard for you, take them one at a time and ensure you do as well as you can. Once you get to nursing school the chemistry and math you need will be taught to you -- a lot. You'll get all the practice you need. 

    The purpose of nursing school is to turn non-nurses into nurses. They have a pretty good track record at doing that. Take a look at the schools you are interested in and see what their admissions requirements are. Match your prerequisite coursework to those requirements and you'll be just fine. Nursing school is hard but not impossible. It takes diligent effort and a solid work ethic, not genius-level academic prowess. 

    Best wishes.

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    I'm not in the nursing field, but nursing school is supposed to be quite challenging.  One is supposed to be strong in science-related classes.  The math pre-req classes may include college-level algebra and/or statistics, however, it may depend upon the individual nursing program.  

    Just an fyi that it's my understanding that most hospitals either prefer or require RNs with at least a BSN (bachelor of science in nursing).

    Please keep doing your research and due diligence, which shall preferably include "job shadowing" (with prior staff approval), especially before taking pre-req classes.

    For more general career info: and can type into search.

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    1)  You won't get into nursing school without the required prerequisites; and

    2)  Like with most things, an associate's is easier than a bachelor's (ASN vs. BSN).

    Both an ASN and a BSN will qualify you for a RN license, but nurses with four year degrees will have better career opportunities with higher pay.

    If you generally suck at math, being an RN is going to be hard for your.   Math skills are something that most people can learn. 

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    I just graduated nursing school this past semester.

    I would say that nursing school is definitely challenging. However, having a good work ethic will bring you all the way through. I don’t think you need to be naturally brilliant, just a hard worker. But you can’t be “slow” or anything. You do need some sort of brains. You just don’t need to be a genius. Yes, there is a LOT of science. Nursing is a scientific discipline through in through. You’ll take anatomy, biology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, microbiology, and sometimes even chemistry.

    I’m not naturally gifted with math all the time. It depends on what the math is. Nursing math is tricky, but not hard. It’s actually quite easy once you practice enough, which you will on nursing school.

    I actually wouldn’t bother with the LPN path since your scope of practice is so limited and you don’t make much. At least get your ADN.

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    The LPN (or LVN) path is easier and shorter. The science is very basic, though you probably need high school algebra. The academic side is not what was hard for me - what was hard for me was the clinicals, as I have no common sense. But many thousands of people get through the course every year, and if you fail one year, you can always go back again.

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