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Please help with my ear????

My ear, jaw and teeth hurt right now. This isn’t my ear, but mine looks like this minus the white plus on the outer ear. I have the same white circle thing in my ear. Mine has little bit of brown or blood under it. I put oil in that ear two nights ago.  It drained pretty badly and there was little bit blood when I put my finger in it. The next night it did the same thing even though I didn’t put any oil in it. I had a cold couple of weeks ago and that’s when my ear started to get clogged up. There was no draining though, it just hurt for while. The pain went away but my ears still felt clogged up. The pain started up again when I put oil in it to get rid of clogged feeling. It now hurts to lay on that side and my cheek is a little sore.  I’m trying to make a doctors appointment but they’re too busy to even pick up. Pls help I’m freaking myself out. To mention I did use a tip after I saw the tiny blood but the q top kept on coming back dry with little bit ear wax. 

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    You need to get yourself to a Doctor.  And don’t give me, “I can’t go because of the virus” crap.  Doctors are open, so are walk-in clinics.  

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