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My mother hates my wife and doesn't want me to bring her to her house. She has even told me to leave her?

But I refuse to how can I get my mother to understand that I want to spend the rest of my life with her and have kids my mom wants me all for herself and wants to be the only women in my life she even told me to abandoned my child but how can I tell my mother that I refuse to divorce my wife and abandon my child for her?

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    Here's a BLUNT summation of your situation.

    You need to grow a backbone.

    Your wife is an angel for putting up with all this drama.

    You need to tell your mother exactly what you posted: YOU WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR WIFE AND KIDS. You have the right to live your life as you choose and if she cannot accept that your wife and children ARE your life, then you will need to distance youreslf from your mother.

    You would think that a mother would be happy to see her son happily married and settled with his own family. If this is not your mother, then you need to point out to her how selfish she is.

    Tell your mother the only way you can go forward is if she accepts your wife and children. If she cannot, appologize and leave. Let your mother GO.

    Be firm. GROW A BACKBONE.

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    Tell your mom that you love her dearly and will miss her.

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    Simply put, you tell her just what you 've told us. Stand your ground. Your mother is mentally ill, I suspect. Reassure her that you will continue to be in her life, that she will be enriched by the increase in your family, IF she accepts them with courtesy and kindness, and that she risks losing you altogether, if she doesn't do this. Its the truth, isn't it? Good luck, I suspect this hasn't been the first go around of difficulties with your mother's dependence and over possessiveness?   If she hasn't been in therapy, and even if she has, now might be a very good time to do this. On line, if needed. 

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    You don't you tell her that if she does not stop, you will cut all contact with her, and then follow through and do so.  Your mother should be tickled pink that she has a grandchild.

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    There’s nothing you can do. Your mom is a psychopath and needs to be committed. get her help before she does something crazy.

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    Are you serious? Tell her that you will no longer allow her to influence your life with her selfish desire and stop having anything to do with your mother.

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