Extra Shipping Protection?

Within the next year or so, I plan on purchasing two JBL SRX 815p active speakers. These will be my work horses for the weddings and events I DJ. Each speaker (not including shipping costs) is roughly $1,400.00 USD.

What I want to figure out is if there's some company out there I can pay to increase

a.) Protection and enclosure speakers are shipped in.

b.) Insurance for shipped product

I've had numerous reports of people getting their speakers and having the boxes ripped, torn, crushed upon delivery. For this type of investment I'm really not comfortable having some pansy cardboard enclosure for something that costs more than most people's rent.

Is there any service or company that has something comparable to a Pelican case or something really high end meant to ship electronics? I know I have to order through JBL but perhaps I can negotiate how it's shipped and in what.

Any ideas? And no, I don't need info on raising the amount of insurance on the items being shipped. That's not the problem. Thanks.

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  • 6 months ago
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    There are all types of cases. 

    You should contact JBL and see what they recommend.

  • 6 months ago

    Who cares if the box comes "ripped, torn, crushed upon delivery."

    - If they don't work when you get them, then JBL will replace them.

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