POLL: If a guy took you out on a date and his credit card(s) got declined ?

so girls, would you be super embarrassed by that for both of yourself, just yourself or for him only ?

would that put you off the guy completely for life or would you tell him its okay, that you'll handle the bill and pay for it ?

be honest, he couldn't even afford the to cover the damn bill for the meal and yet you let him take you out on a date. How pathetic and sad is that right ?

surely he doesn't deserve to see you again ever ? not until he sorts himself out financially ?

what would you do in this situation ?


Ok the questions is for both guys and girls  ( so gay men included ). 

Update 2:

Now imagine hes deliberately using cards with no funds on them,  but he wants to see which girl shows compassion and understanding by 'covering' him for the bill.

If you cover the bill AND ask to see him again,  he will consider you date-able material and possible future gf.    He has money but he deliberately pulled that stunt to see that girls reaction ;-)

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  • 5 months ago

    It wouldn't bother me, because I have had a credit card declined for no apparent reason. If he didn't have cash, I would pay the bill.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I wouldn't think too much of it unless it happened more than once. I have used cards that declined even though I had plenty of money. Sometimes I use the wrong card or have my money in savings and not my checking or I have had cards decline even though there is money and I don't know why it declined. I would pay for it and let him get it the next time. If the same thing happened that its. I wouldn't go out with him again. 

    Now for your update. I don't know. Do I know he did it? When did I learn he did it? If I didn't know he did it on purpose my answer is same as above. If I knew he did it after a second date but he paid the full bill we are even and I probably wouldn't care. If it had been several dates later and he paid his part then I really wouldn;t care. If I knew right after he did it I would be annoyed and I don't know that I would give him a second chance. 

    And its not that I would care if he didn't have money. Money isn't everything and someone not having money now doesn't mean they never will. The problem for me would be that we went out twice and he led me to believe he would pay his part but he didn't. If you cant afford it speak up and we can do something that's free or really cheap. 

  • If it was indeed just an error or fluke it would be forgivable, otherwise, Yes. I would be put off. 

    I would NEVER take someone out without making sure I had the finances to cover it. Anything less just shows lack of responsibility..If we were to get serious how am I going to trust him with financial management?

     I usually keep sufficent funds for whatever I'm doing, but what if I had happened to not have my card on me because it was agreed on prior that it was his treat?

     I don't play "games" either. He can take that elsewhere. 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I wouldn't think much of it. Cards get declined for all sorts of weird reasons. Mine was declined because "someone was using it in California". I had to point out that I'd lived in California for SIX YEARS and that all of my charges were made there.

    Another time, some system was down, so my bank was not allowing charges greater than $200 to go through.

    There are a million other examples.

         If he did it on purpose, GAME OVER. It would be the first date and the last.

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  • Jess C
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    I would pay for it 🤨 I'm not just going to leave him there with no way to pay for it. I'm not that heartless.

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