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How are rates of fire for SEMI AUTOMATIC guns calculated?

So rate of fire means how many bullets the gun can fire a minute.

Well for a semi automatic gun, you can't pull the trigger once and expect more than one bullet to come out.

So if you want to shoot a 60 bullets, you have to pull the trigger 60 times.

And how rapidly you can pull the trigger depends on the person.

So you you have 30 bullets in your semi automaric rifle.  How long it would take to shoot 30 bullets would just depend on how rapidly you can pull the trigger.

And maybe you run out of ammuntion for your gun.  You have to reload it.  

And how often you reload depends on how many bullets there are in the gun.  The more bullets loaded, the fewer times you have to reload.

So somebody says an AR15 shoots 45 bullets a minute.

Well that doesn't make sense because

First some people can pull the trigger more rapidly than others.

You would spend less time reloading if you had a 30 round magazine than a 10 round magazine.

Some people can reload faster than others.

How is the rate of fire calculated if most people are different from one another.

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  • Mr.357
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    1 month ago

    Semi-auto rifles do not have a stated rate of fire.  Anyone that claims different probably think Democrats are not racist.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    probably something like, the amount of time it takes a gun to fully dump a bullet, casing, grab and chamber a round. you cannot shoot faster than that. i believe the phenomenon is called "outrunning the bolt? 

    but just because something CAN be fired 600 rounds a minute, doesnt mean YOU can. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Rate of fire doesn't mean diddly for semi auto guns. How fast can you pull the trigger.

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  • Quinn
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    1 month ago

    There is no all defining formula because of several factors that may or may not be applicable to the gun, action type, ammo, and environmental conditions..

    For a semi-auto, if you remove the human elements, you have to consider such things as lock time, trigger, recovery time and several other factors. 

    Lock time refers to the time it takes for the hammer, firing pin or whatever to hit the primer after the trigger is pulled.

    The trigger of any firearms has considerable influence on how fast the gun can be fired. Things such as the poundage, the trigger travel and reset, the type of trigger, etc.  Each one of those can either shorten or prolong the time it takes to fire the next and subsequent rounds.

    Each type of semi-auto action have their own limitations in terms of how fast they can cycle.  This is in many cases influenced by the types of ammo used. For example, in a gas piston or DI action the amount of gas produced by the cartridge will influence how fast or slow the action cycles.  Even the weight of the bullet can influence this.

    Recovery time refers to how much time it takes to bring the weapon back to bare on the target after recoil.  The more recoil usually means the more muzzle flip and longer to re-aim.

    Environmental factors could slow your ability to re-acquire the target after each shot. If the target is moving or blends into the background, it will take longer to find it, sight your gun, and fire.

    Those are just some of the things that influences rate of fire.

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  • 1 month ago

    It's so cute you think gun haters, grabbers, and banners know what rate of fire means.  You have folks in the California legislature stating the AR-15 can fire hundreds of rounds a second...… and most everyone is nodding like he was quoting gospel. 

    My fav:  Ten years back when then Senator McCarthy (D) of New York sponsored her Assault Weapon Bill SB-1022. It banned all sorts of nasty, horrible, baby killing accessories like 'heat shields on shotguns'.  So, the camera is rolling when a local reporter is simply beaming, asking the Senator 'exactly what is a heat shield?' fully expecting McCarty to tell her how awful it was.  McCarthy does a deer in the headlights look at the camera and says, "I have no idea".  Obviously her husbands, ex wife's hairdresser's youngest kid's locker mate said they were bad and she put it in her bill.  She was banning something she had no idea what it was!

    This is mentality of the left.   

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  • 1 month ago

    You can't technically measure the RPM of any semi-auto firearm. Because it is semi-auto, there is only one round being fired per trigger pull; the rate of fire is dependent on how quickly the individual shooter can pull the trigger. To answer your question, you can't accurately measure the RPM of a semi-auto firearm. 

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  • 1 month ago

    You are overthinking it, starting with statement "..'somebody' says an AR15 shoots 45 bullets a minute."  Since when has "somebody" been right?

    The rifle shoots "bullets", but the rifle's magazine contains "rounds" or "cartridges".

    There are several magazines that hold more than 30 rounds.  Magpul has a 60-round drum magazine.

    I can say that a horse has a rate of travel of 40 mph. Can a horse travel 40 miles at that rate? NO, they can only do that at short distances and has to "reload" it's quick energy reserves before it can do it again.  Can all horses travel at 40 mph? NO, some are slower and some are faster.  It is just a nominal value to get a relative idea of how fast a horse can be that be used to compare with how fast other things are.

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  • 1 month ago

    There is the theoretical speed, for an AR 15 for example, on average around 800 rounds per minute or 13.3 per second, that is the approx max speed at which the rifle can cycle. It can vary depending on gas system length, carrier weight, spring weight, etc and be higher or lower. Anything less is just how fast the person can pull the trigger and reload. 

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  • 1 month ago

    It seems after some research on different semi-automatic rifles that standard rate of fire is 35-40 rounds a minute. Which is pretty silly because many of them only came with five to ten round clips even when issued by the military. That figure is kind of like rating a man of wars top speed- it is a design minimum requirement. An interesting thing is that for military purposes it requires placing the sights on target before firing. Which means the gun can fire faster then that but with no accuracy.

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  • 1 month ago

    They calculate the maximum that gun is capable of, meaning it can't fire any faster than the rate of fire. Pulling the trigger while the previous round is ejecting & a new round is loading will do nothing.

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