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People keep signing into my accounts? ?

I keep getting emails from social media's including Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Snapchat etc that someone has either attempted to sign in or has signed in. I have been changing my passwords but no luck there, it keeps happening and I'm using quite strong passwords.

I haven't gave anyone my passwords, also it's coming from an iPhone and I have a Huawei, also its coming from a city where I don't live. 

I feel like it could be someone from my school (I've no idea who) and they can see my saved posts and say anything under my name and I'm scared. I've told my mum and she says to just keep changing my password but I don't know what to do because that isn't working. 

What should I do?!? 

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    Have you clicked on anything in any of the warning emails??

    They are almost certainly fake "phishing" messages that go to look-alike sites, to trick you into giving out your security info...

    NEVER click on anything in an unsolicited email - always enter the site URL directly in to you web browser or get it from your favourites / bookmarks.

    Go to all your accounts directly and change the passwords again, using strong passwords with a random mix of numbers and letters etc.

    Make sure you write the all down!

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    Stop using the same password. Remember: create a unique password. Also, enable 2FA.

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