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Is it true that wearing a mask only protects others from coronavirus and not me and if so how do I protect myself from Coronavirus?


I have a job so cannot stay at home plus the boss says masks are optional in the office. 

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    It depends on the mask that you are wearing. According to the CDC, surgical masks do not give the wearer with the best filtration compared to the N95 which offers 95% protection to the wearer against droplets. I advise you to still wear a mask even if it is optional in your office. It is better to have even small protection than to none at all. Plus do not forget to practice physical distancing, handwashing, and to eat a balanced diet.

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    Wearing a mask ONLY protects other people and NOT you?

    Half correct.

    Wearing a mask prevents the wearer's breath from diffusing to some extent.

    If the wearer is infected, it is effective to prevent others from being infected.

    This effect is not complete. But it's not useless enough to mock and kick it out.

    So yes, the situation where everyone around is wearing a mask protects you from the coronavirus.

    If as many people as possible in the population wear masks, it will help prevent the spread of infection.

    However, wearing a mask is also protect you from coronavirus.

    People touch their eyes, nose and mouth frequently. This is an unconscious habit.

    According to a survey, people touch these a few to a dozen times a minute.

    And this is one of the routes of infection. It is because the virus on the hand adheres to the mucous membrane and allows it to enter the human body.

    A mask can help eliminate this route of infection. This is because the mask physically blocks your hands.

    Therefore, a surgical mask is sufficient.

    The trick is,

    : not to wear the mask again (without proper washing) if you take off your mask,

    : you will be careful not to touch your mouth when you take off it with your hands.

    For example, if you take off your mask at lunch, you need to wear a new mask after lunch.

    (And please remember to wash your hands!

    So even if it's an option in your office, I recommend you keep wearing a mask.

    I'm a non-native English speaker, so I'm sure my writing will be difficult to read.

    If you have read to the end, I would like to say thank you.

    Still, I'm surprised that many Americans think they can wear an N 95 mask on a regular basis.

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    Sure your boss can insist but what about the chanse you DO catch COVID ,wearing no mask?

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    N95 respirator masks offer you 95% protection, but must be worn correctly. Surgical masks, not as well. Here's a link to CDC PDF explaining the differences;:

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  • Practice social distancing. Using a mask should only be done when social distancing is a challenge or can't be done. Also wash your hands regularly, try not to touch your face, and wipe down surfaces that you or other people touch regularly.

    Wearing a mask helps reduce / prevent water droplets from being spread, which is how covid 19 is mainly passed on. 

    I have an essential job so I can't stay at home either. I we're practicing physical distancing at work and wearing masks in certain areas where physical distancing can't take place. So far no one in my work place has gotten sick from covid 19, that I know of. I'm sure your work place has put some health and safety measures in their policies, for you and your co workers to follow. 

    If you don't feel safe going to work, talk to your boss and see what they can do for you. 

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    I. keep social distancing 2,Wash your hands with soap if you touch any surface outside your home.3.Wash your hands with soap before touching mouth, nose or eyes and before eating 4.wear a mask when you are outside your home 5 After you come back home leave your dress in the soap water and take a full shower bath( preferably warm water)using soap.6.Gargle with hot saline water before you go out and immediately after you come back.7. Drink hot milk wherein added a little bit of turmeric8.Eat fruits containing vitamin C

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    Wearing a mask helps contain virus in someones breath, sneeze, or cough.   If there is live virus in the air and you have on a mask it may keep those droplets from being breathed in.  I am not ill but I wear a mask and social distance when I am out in public, I use hand sanitizer before I get my keys out, and wash my hands when I get home,   If I was at work, I would wear a mask all the time,

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    Wash hands often. Clean comonly touched surfaces, only go out when necessary, wear thin disposable gloves outside.

    If your job is allowed to stay open, keep distance from clients/customers as well as coworkers whenevrr possinle

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    It depends on what type of mask.

     The n95 masks are the best at protecting u unfortunately there is a short supply of these and should only be left to front line healthcare care workers .

       As for homemade cloth masks. There is a little protection for u but they allow small water droplets through . They bare basically better than nothing .

        To really protect your self stay out of situations that potentially compromise you getting the virus. 

      Wear a homemade mask and also limit your time when in a store or close to other’s especially while inside .

        And wash your hands often. Carry a hand sanitizer.



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    If you have good hygiene, maybe you won't be as vulnerable.

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    Stay at home and wash your hands regularly.

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