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Can I travel?

I need to travel to California to take care of my daughter as my wife works can I travel to USA on the Visa waiver program of will they send me home?  The government websites dont tell me if I can or when I can but really need to get over to my child 

My Waiver Visa was approved  before all the Coronavirus stuff And Been to the USA lots the plan was to go over next month because mother inlaw cant take care of her 24/7 for multiple reasons 


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    If you carry the passport of a VWP signatory nation you should be able to enter the US to take care of your daughter as long as you abide by the limitations of that (generally just 90 days and no work for pay). 

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    @ Jordan   "To be a caregiver" is not an allowed reason to visit the USA on tourist status/ 

    Yes, but:

    1.  Do not tell the US Immigration Officer you will "take care of your daughter". You are visiting your daughter.

    2.  You cannot extend a visa waiver stay.  You must exit North America (not just the USA )before the end of the 90th day. If you overstay then you will be permanently banned from using the visa waiver program.

    3.  Get trip medical insurance unless your regular insurance covers you in the USA.

    • Gregory4 weeks agoReport

      Thank  you for your reply, what's the difference between them? Why can't I say I'm taking care of her? Shes 2  and not making money 

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  • 1 month ago

    From where? Trump blocked most Europeans from entering the US because of COVID 19, but exempted people from the UK. If that's where you are, you can probably come to California. Ask the airline you're going to take- they won't let you get on the plane if they have reason to believe you won't be allowed in. 

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      Yes  I'm in the United Kingdom , I asked  British airways multiple times but they send me to government website and dance around the question.  Thanks for the reply sir or lady fish 😊

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