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what's there to do in Chicago currently?

My family is driving to Michigan to see family on June 8th. We will be staying the night in Chicago the night of the 8th. We were thinking about spending a little time around the city on the 9th. But obviously it might be hard to find stuff that's open due to covid. Does anyone from the area know more about what's going on and what could possible be open by the 8th? Would it even be worth it to try and find stuff to do the morning/afternoon of the 9th or a big waste of time? 

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    Check the internet for the state of Illinois and for Chicago.  This next week some things may open.

    Walking around The Lake, by the Art Museum.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Be shot by police who THINK you *might* have committed some crime from their imagination.


    Be shot by police who believe you violated Queen/God/Governor's fiat.


    Be shot by some Gang Member for whatever reason comes to mind, if not for Entertainment.

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