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Ever feel like going into the woods alone  with your backpack, tent, sleeping bag, food, water, no cellphone for a week. And not see anyone ?


j153e...Uhhh...How much backpacking experience do you actually have? Apparently you’ve never heard of freeze dried food, featherlite single burner fuel-sipping backpack stoves, portable lightweight ceramic water filters (no,  for a week’s backpack you do not carry all the water you need for the whole week, LOL, you do your backpacking in an area where there are actually streams) lightweight one person backpacking tent, synthetic fill lightweight sleeping bag, and so forth. I also know how to 

Update 2:

forage. But hey, for somebody who’s so ignorant of the topic at hand, you sure do put on a good show of knowing everything about it. Nice skill to have

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    Sometimes and sometimes I think about going there to live.

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    I did something like that once. My girlfriend and I drove to a deserted lake in my old VW van and we stayed there for a week without seeing anyone else anywhere. We did not have phones, tv or anything. It was great. 

    Your idea is more adventurous and definitely worth doing. 

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    Presumably you'd be driving to the location?  Water weighs 10 lb. per gallon; a gallon is what an average guy drinks in a day.  So, 70 pounds of water...tent, food, etc. probably put that total to > 100 lbs., probably more like 120 lbs.  A guy can carry a gal who weighs 120 lbs. for a few feet, but her compact shape is easier and has a better center of gravity than 7 one-gallon jugs.  So, unless you're going to camp in your backyard, you'd be driving and parking.  Then, probably three trips to carry camping equipment and supplies off road...a mile?  That's some good exercise.  Might be easier to shelter in place for a week, maybe put up your tent in your living room.  Your neighbors should be quiet folks.  Temperature control, good stove, refrigerator, sturdy bed if you get tired of sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag....


    Understanding Yourself by Mark Prophet;

    Man, Master of His Destiny;

    A Warrior's Path.

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    Oh I am most definitely down with the not seeing anyone part, but not the camping. I hate camping. Too much of it is outdoors. I will do my camping at a hotel. On one of the floors that doesn't have an ice machine. That is camping to me.

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    nope. people do that here and they disappear, happens a few times every winter with skiers or in summer to hikers and swimmers. Guy parked his car on a logging road, guess he was sleeping in it and was found mauled outside one day.

    Nah i got a comfy bed, its my favorite piece of furniture... i wouldn't leave it alone

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    i would get so bored without my xbox

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    I'm not a socialist. Then no,

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