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I was in a fight 5 days ago?

I was in a fight 5 days ago. During the fight the right side of my head was slammed into the side of a bathtub then was attempted to be drowned in sed bath tub... My right ear hasn't been the same since... It feels like I have an ear plug in... I can hear a little out of it (i.e. holding my phone to my ear) but it doesn't seem to be getting better.... To all the boxers MMA fighters or anyone who knows about impacts to the side of the head.... What's wrong... Will I ever hear again... I'm only 20


After having the right side o my head slammed into the corner of the bathtub several punches were laid into the top of my head and both my eyes are black 

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    First and foremost, please seek medical assistance.

    It does sound, though, as if you have suffered from a ruptured eardrum. This may or may not heal on its own in a few weeks/months, but since the cause was severe head trauma, I strongly urge you to see a doctor.

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