Why are Americans scared of Corona but don't mind being 600lbs?

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    1 month ago
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     Exactly. . And if you ask me, one of the reasons that so many Americans got sick with this virus is because we are one of the most unhealthy countries out there. Our illness-and disease-promoting, prescription drug-and-elective surgery mongering mainstream medical establishment is the third leading cause of death (google it)  here and people are on all sorts of Big Pharma prescription drugs which depress their immune systems, 

    We get way over vaccinated  in this country starting when we’re timy children, which also tend to depress the immune system, We tend to be super sanitary germaphobes  here which means that you don’t get exposed to the right germs enough which can actually STRENGTHEN  your immune system,

    And  we have a terrible diet and everybody’s waddling around...in and out of McDonald’s and Walmart with way too much weight on their frames...in and out of their SUVs which hubby or wifey parks right outside the door of mickeyD’s or Wally World so the other spouse doesn’t have to waddle too far to get into the McDonald’s/Wally World or back to the SUV afterwards.

    So....Not enough exercise either.Many people in this country get decrepit at a fairly young age and you see them in the supermarkets actually having to lean on the shopping carts as they do their unhealthy shopping because they’re not even strong enough to support their own weight. And pot bellies galore. Everybody seems to be a candidate for a hip or knee replacement at a fairly young age. Compared to many other cultures anyway.And I don’t even think it’s really the fault of a lot of these people. I really don’t. 

    They’ve been so brainwashed by “Pig” Pharma and the “maim”stream medical establishment to believe that if they’re not taking a lot of prescription drugs or working on getting their new hip replacement by continuing their unhealthy lifestyles , they’re not really good Americans. 

    It’s all about the “ask your doctor” profit motive of mainstream medicine, Big Pharma, psychiatry with its psychiatric drugs and the whole bit. It’s all about money.The sicker you can keep people,  the more money you can actually make off of them. And that’s a fact.

    Healthy people with health conscious, non-destructive lifestyles  don’t need to go to the doctor, the psychiatrist, or be on Big Pharma prescription drugs. Their bodies and brains are capable of healing themselves and their immune systems are strong enough to fight off any outside pathogenic invaders. Coronaviruses included.

    Of course doctors don’t want people to know any of this. They would go out of business obviously If people made it a point to lead healthier lifestyles. 

    Do yeah, it’s kind of scary just how unhealthy this country actually is.

     All of these things are recipes for a very weak immune system and I have a feeling that’s playing a big part in our infection rate here. Thank you for listening to my diatribe. LOL

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Not just Americans.

    Being 600# is a very rare situation. About 6.6% of adults in USA are severely obese [271 lbs or more     BMI of 40 or higher     Class 3 Obese

    Virus is everywhere, in everybody, just trying to get out and spread by sneezing, coughing, and spitting.

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