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Strange problem with wifi?

Ever since I got a new router system I’ve been having this problem. I have multiple iPhones and they’re normally all connected at the same time without any issues.. once in a while one of the phones will get booted off the wifi and when I try to reconnect it keeps saying “wrong password”. iPhones also have a password share option which allows you to share a password with another iPhone trying to connect, it still doesn’t work until eventually after a few days it will finally fix itself and connect. It isn’t specific to one device, it’s been a problem with most of the devices I have and it only started happening with this new router. All other devices will be connected fine and suddenly one disconnects and can’t get back on

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    Does the new router use the same SSID (network name) as the previous router?  You might try using the "forget this network" setting on the iPhones to clear out any information they have cached from the prior router.   Then reload in the SSID/password information manually.

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