I have an emotional support animal. Do I have to fill out a pet application ?

I'm looking to get a new house in California. I have an emotional support animal. The company to one of the houses is asking for a pet application. I was told a few years ago. With the ESA housing letter. The application is not supposed to be asked. Is that correct. Or can a company ask for an application for an animal either way?

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    Yes, they can certainly ask you to fill out a form, and to submit recent (not from a "few years ago") documentation of disability and need from your treating mental health professional.  And there are exceptions to the regulations requiring most housing to allow an ESA. They can decline if the specific housing is not subject to the FHA (Many single-family homes are not, for example), or if allowing the pet poses a demonstrable hardship, or if the specific animal poses a danger or causes a disruption.

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