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True or False - True racial equality and gender equality will only be achieved when our difference are ignored, not celebrated?

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    Entirely agree to the point i think that is obvious.

    A "black history month" just to use an example wouldn't stand in Canada.   There would be no denying they have a fabulous history worth celebrating, but no different than any other culture... equality and setting yourself apart are two different things - not an equality at all.   Quebec [being french] is a unique and distinct culture [just like all of us]   

  • Judith
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    5 months ago

    True equality will never happen because there are too many bigots and too many people who will always think that they are better than others; whites over blacks, men over women, one religion over another, etc.  It's human nature and it ain't pretty.

    No reason why people cannot celebrate their own heritage.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    False.  We can celebrate our heritage and the heritages of others without being d*cks about it.

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