What do you all think about Jim Cornette bashing Becky Lynch for getting pregnant during her time on top?

So Jim Cornette made some extremely controversial comments regarding Becky Lynch getting pregnant recently. He believes that it was very stupid of her to get pregnant, right at the time she is making the company millions of dollars. Being the number 1 female box office draw in the WWE, right at the moment. Jim stated that Becky should've waited a couple more years before she decided to make such a decision. What do you all think?

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    I think if she waited 'a couple of years' Jim would still be agitated over someone choosing their family life over the business.  That's just how Jim is.  I'm not sure if he knows there are rewarding things in life outside of wrestling (and I sometimes wonder if he knows there are rewarding things in wrestling as well).  I don't think he said anything of the like when The Rock left in peak prime for Hollywood at 27 years old, nor do I think he's ever badmouthed Ricky Steamboat for choosing family over WWE.  Do I think there's a double standard at play here? probably not.  I just think that sometimes people have different priorities than Jim Cornette.  Becky's in her early 30's, in her prime of health and physical conditioning, and could undoubtedly come back after a year off of the road barring complications.  If she's truly over, she'll be on top when she returns at 35 if she so chooses to return to wrestling.  Whether or not that's in the cards for her is neither my, Jim Cornette's, or anyone else's business. 

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    He's just trying to stay relevant by bashing wrestlers.

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    I think that guys like him make controversial statements solely to try and make themselves relevant.

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    she couldnt do a man's job.

    she is now known as

    A WOMAN.

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