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I don't seem to really experience withdraws when i should, except with cigarettes. Why?

Sorry this is so long, just trying to be as clear as I can. Many years ago, I was prescribed Roxycodone in large amounts for a legitimate bad back, from a very reputable doctor (or so I thought), although I was "careful" since i had seen too many people go down the path of addiction I was fully aware the Roxys were addictive (I skipped weeks at a time of my  meds but took more than recommended on my on weeks), but i have see people hooked from less. Doctor gave me 300+ pills when i let him know my insurance was up. I figured he either figured that would make sure i was hooked or that i could sell enough to come back in next month. So I threw them out.Never had any withdraw. Drank heavy for years, gave that up no problem.Took high doses of Kratom (30-45 grams a day the 30 usually in one sitting) for 2 years. No noticeable withdraws. No problems giving up caffeine either and i have always drank also of caffeine. Cigarettes though, hell no, I started smoking a pack a day, never missing a day when i was 11 (i had a job and a store that would sell them to me) and i get supper bad shakes if i go too long with out nicotine to the point i cant talk and it feels like my abdomen is trying to eat itself, been that way since highschool (i'm 37 now). I don't know why withdraws don t effect me (not something i want to push my luck on) except for with cigarettes. I was on high doses of Riddlin for years as a kid, no withdraw their either. Did the Riddlin break my brains addiction response?

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